Wii U Hack

Wii U Hack

Wii U  Hack

What does it do?:

This guide shows you how to install the wii u hack with cIOS into vWii (aka the Wii-mode of Wii U) and backup vWiis keys and NAND filesystem.
cIOS is needed to use backuplaunchers like Wiiflow and USB-Loader GX.
This does not enable any hacks in Wii U-mode!
Note: You already need to have Homebrew Channel installed on vWii to use this guide (use one of these exploits)!

Lets go:
Download the wii u hack
It contains all the necessary files mentioned in the post

- xyzzy 1.2.2 (unofficial)

- FS-Toolbox 0.4d
- d2x-v10-beta52-vWii (better compatibility then beta53 according to d2x beta testers + future SNEEK support)
Note: When you get errors during installation or game bootup, try d2x beta53-alt. See Troubleshoot section for more info!
- FIX94' d2x cIOS Installer 2.2 mod

First we make a backup of your vWii NAND filesystem and your keys:

1.) Extract the contents of vWii_cIOS_apps.zip wich is the actual wii u hack pack to the apps folder on your SD card.
Note: Make sure that you don´t have any original Wii system files (like wads) on your SD Card!
d2x installer could accidentally use them for installation and brick your vWii!

3.) Launch Xyzzy from your Homebrew Channel you can find this in the wii u hack rar file

4.) Select "SD Card", press A and wait for the keys to dump.

5.) When finished, press A to go back to the Homebrew Channel (the keys will be stored as keys.txt on your SD Card).

6.) Launch FS Toolbox from your Homebrew Channel.

7.) Press A to continue

8.) Press 1 to select the whole NAND filesystem

9.) Press A to dump your NAND filesystem to SD card (the dump will be stored in FSTOOLBOX folder on your SD Card).
Note: Unlike Bootmii, FS Toolbox will not dump one big NAND image, but all the files/folders separately. So the size of your backup depends on how many savegames/VC/Wiiware you have installed on your console.

10.) When finished, press Home to return to the Homebrew Channel.

Now we install d2x cIOS located in the wii u hack

11.) Launch d2x cIOS installer from the Homebrew Channel.

12.) Select cIOS : <d2x-v10-beta52-vWii> (Alternative: beta53-alt)
Select cIOS base : <56>
Select cIOS slot : <249>

13.) Press A to install and wait for installation to finish.

14.) Press A to continue.

15.) Select cIOS : <d2x-v10-beta52-vWii> (Alternative: beta53-alt)
Select cIOS base : <57>
Select cIOS slot : <250>

16.) Press A to install and wait for installation to finish.

17.) Press A to continue.

18.) Select cIOS : <d2x-v10-beta52-vWii> (Alternative: beta53-alt)
Select cIOS base : <58>
Select cIOS slot : <251>

19.) Press A to install and wait for installation to finish.

20.) Press B to Exit.

21.) Launch Wiiflow 4.1.3 or USB Loader GX r1217 or CFG USB Loader MOD v70 r65 from your Homebrew Channel.
Note: To copy game images from PC to your external HDD with the correct folder structure, you can use Wii Backup Manager.

22.) Happy gaming! :D with the wii u hack

Troubleshooting for the Wii U  Hack
- connect your HDD to the upper back USB-Port.
- google how to prevent the HDD format message on bootup
- only one USB-storage device at a time is supported by WiiU with the wii u hack
- you need a Y-USB-Cable for some 2.5" HDDs to properly work (even when they worked on the original Wii), because the Wii U USB-ports have a lower power supply.
- if HDD gets detected but no games load or HDD "clicks" you need a Y-USB-Cable
- some HDDs don´t work with cIOS 249(base 56), so change the cIOS to 250(base 57) or 251(base 58) in your USB-Loader.
- when you get errors during installation or game bootup, try d2x beta53-alt. Copy the contents to sd:/apps/d2x-cios-installer and overwrite the existing files.

General FAQ:
- there is currently no Bootmii for vWii, so we have to backup with FS-Toolbox and xyzzy.
- there is no Hermes cIOS 222/223 for vWii (don´t install the Wii version!).
- to (un)install wads you can use YAWMM_EN (english Version) or YAWMM DE 0.5e (german version).
- if you want to start installed wads like VC/Wiiware from SD card, you need to patch IOS80 (system menu)
Note: This is dangerous! If you f*** up IOS80, you will get a brick!
Only use the patch if you know what you are doing!
- don´t install Priiloader, it will brick your vWii!
- don´t install original Wii Channel Forwarder, they will freeze on startup!
(For WiiFlow you can use the official Channel Installer)

Many tools/installers/wads etc. that worked on the original Wii will brick vWii!
So be very cautious on what you install!

wii u hacked


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